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Dr. Stephen Uhl

Dr. Stephen Uhl
Chiropractic Physician

Professional Education & Affiliations

Dr. Uhl studied Pre-Med/Biology at Butler University for undergraduate schooling where he was fullback on the Bulter Bulldogs Football Team.  He attended chiropractic school at Logan University in St. Louis, Missouri and graduated in 1997.

Past President and current VP of SWOCA

Member, American Chiropractic Association

Member, Ohio State Chiropractic Association

Team Physician, Lakota West High School

Interests: Golf, travel, exercise

Hometown: West Chester, OH

Education: Butler University, B.S./Doctor of Chiropractic from Logan College

My Chiropractic story began when I temporarily lost the use of my right arm!

I suffered a severe neck injury while playing football at Butler University. The pain started in my neck and radiated into my right arm, then the weakness and strength loss set in. The athletic trainer referred me to an orthopedist and a neurologist who both recommended I hang up my cleats forever. A coach on the team recognized that I might have a chiropractic problem and was kind enough to refer me. Sure enough, the chiropractor found the problem: two rotated vertebrae in my neck.

The best part was that he believed the problem could be fixed and I could continue playing football without losing my scholarship! Following a series of adjustments and therapies, the pain in my neck subsided and the strength was back in my right arm. It was clear to me at that point that I had found my calling.

On Personal Note...

Dr. Uhl married in 2001 and has two young children, Cameron and Madison.

Dr. Uhl stays healthy by receiving chiropractic adjustments one to two times per month, running 8-10 miles per week and strength training twice per week. He started adjusting his children when they were only a few months old!

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